PAS 3002 Improving Health and Wellbeing

PAS 3002 Code Of Practice

The health and wellbeing of employees has never been as high profile as it is now. With the rapidly changing nature of workplaces, and the increasing focus on mental health, employers need to tread very carefully.

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The PAS 3002 Code of Practice on Improving Health & Wellbeing Within an Organisation provides a benchmark for your organisation, outlining how health and wellbeing should be embedded in your workplace. It is a very practical code, full of good advice on how to protect and get the best out of your workforce.

It complements the ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System, with more of a focus on issues that relate to mental health and the ‘softer’ HR issues. For example, it considers issues of collaboration and communication; diversity and inclusion; psychological health; and learning and development.

PAS 3002 is a Publicly Available Specification, not an ISO standard. Nevertheless, the approach to developing and implementing the system in your organisation is just the same as for an ISO management system and you undergo a third party audit to be awarded certification.

Why You Need PAS 3002 Certification

To meet your moral obligations

Protecting and improving the physical and mental wellbeing of your employees is simply the right thing to do as an employer, regardless of any business benefits.

It helps you make better management decisions

A requirement of PAS 3002 is that decisions should be made based on evidence, rather than hunches or perception. This means you are likely to make better decisions.

You will meet your legal obligations better

Protecting the wellbeing of your staff is not just a moral duty, it’s a legal obligation. The costs of failure can be very high. PAS 3002 provides the framework to help ensure compliance.

To strengthen ISO 45001

PAS 3002 complements ISO 45001 perfectly, combining to create a fully rounded approach to health, safety and wellbeing within your organisation.

Your organisation will be more successful

In nearly every organisation, people are the most important ‘asset’. PAS 3002 helps you manage that asset more effectively, getting the best out of your people and at the same time improving their wellbeing. Sickness is reduced, workforce morale rises and motivation is improved leading to increased productivity.

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