ISO 50001 Energy Management

ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems

With the ever-increasing cost of energy and the political and social pressure on businesses to reduce energy consumption, it’s not surprising that the ISO 50001 Energy Management System is rising in popularity.

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It’s not just larger manufacturers that can benefit from this standard. The potential rewards from taking control of your energy use make the implementation of a certified ISO 50001 Energy Management System (EnMS) a wise business investment.

The system helps you collect accurate data on your energy usage, which allows you to monitor your consumption better and develop more effective systems to manage your use and identify alternatives.

Many organisations see energy management as being part of a wider approach to managing their environmental performance. In that respect, ISO 50001 is the perfect partner for ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. However, whereas the latter helps you manage all of your environmental challenges, ISO 50001 focuses solely on your energy management and has a much bigger impact in this critical area. It may be that ISO 50001 is all you need.

Why You Need ISO 50001 Certification

You can win more business

ISO 50001 helps you demonstrate your environmental credentials, leading to a better reputation and resulting in the likelihood of winning more tenders.

It improves your environmental performance

Energy is a key component of your environmental performance. Taking control allows you to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and meet government reduction targets, helping you meet your responsibilities to the community.

It saves on energy bills

By measuring and monitoring your energy use more effectively, and identifying alternatives, all on a continual basis, you are better able to identify and realise savings.

It helps you comply with regulations

If you’re a larger organisation, you may find that ISO 50001 is a route to ESOS compliance.

Employees are more engaged

One of the key factors in your energy usage is how your employees behave. ISO 50001 helps you communicate your policies and procedures better, improving awareness and behaviours.

There may be tax incentives

You may get relief if you buy energy efficient technology for your business.

What clients say about their ISO 50001 Energy Management System

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