ISO 14001 Environmental Management

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

There are many motivations for wanting to minimise the environmental impact of your business. Not only are there political and social pressures, it may be the case that you are personally driven to improve your organisation’s environmental performance.

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Crucially, it is now also becoming more common to see ISO 14001 certification as a requirement for suppliers to be considered for tender opportunities. Larger businesses and institutions only want to be associated with suppliers who reflect their own aspirations and values, and environmental matters are near the top of that list of requirements.

But whatever your motivation is, there’s no doubt that the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) provides the perfect foundations for you. With the right support in place to help you develop and implement your system, you can build the ideal framework to help you achieve your goals.

Why You Need ISO 14001 Certification

It improves compliance

ISO 14001 helps you comply with the ever increasing burden of legislation. If you fail to do this, you can face fines, government intervention and sanctions against your business. By achieving certification you demonstrate that you are working toward compliance against all those regulations.

You can take control

You can only take control with a proper system, policies and procedures. ISO 14001 puts you in control of what’s known as your environmental “aspects”, that is, the activities, products and services that interact with the environment.

Reduce your environmental impact

Once you’re able to monitor, record, quantify and report on your activities that impact on the environment, you can seek to reduce that impact. With the right support, you can develop an Environmental Management System that lets you control the impact of your operations including prevention of pollution and specific commitments relevant to your organisation.

There are cost savings

Failure to control your environmental performance means you aren’t in control of your costs. ISO 14001 presents an opportunity to identify and make savings through better management of resources such as water and energy and reduced waste.

There could be tax incentives

Depending on your sector and business type, you may be eligible for incentives and relief for investing in energy efficient technology, for example. There may also be grants available at local and national levels.

It will improve your corporate image

Organisations with poor environmental performance are increasingly receiving bad publicity. Conversely, those that take a proactive approach benefit from an enhanced public profile. It’s good for your reputation and for your business performance.

What clients say about their ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

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